Earn Your Seat at the Table with Data

Wednesday | February 13th | 11:00 AM CDT

Join Jason Anthoine of Audacity as he leads our latest YourCause webinar covering outputs vs. outcomes.

Whether you are in human resources, corporate communications or tucked in to some other part of the organization, you want to earn a seat at that table. You know what table I’m talking about, right? The one where leaders sit and make decisions about the future of the company. But how do you get there?

The answer is simple: data. Every leader at that table brings all kinds of data with them that shows not only how effective their current efforts are but that also support their requests for more resources (budget, people, a long runway) to do even more in the future. Data drives all business decisions, including ones about CSR.

In this dynamic session, you’ll learn how to use data to prove your CSR efforts are not only working but are critical to building the brand, culture and employee experience your leaders and employees want and need. You’ll see:

  • How to use data that is already being collected to show how CSR is driving critical business results

  • Why to think about your results as more than just a collection of great outputs but as drivers of outcomes that matter to the business

  • New and not-so-new tools for collecting data no matter your organization’s size (or budget!)

  • How to turn that data into a compelling story about your CSR strategy and the impact it is having on your communities and your company