Strategies to Plan and Spread Your CSR Communication Message

The purpose of this whitepaper is to provide you with the tactics you need to plan your CSR program's communication strategy, along with the tips to spread your message and mission to your employees, community, and customers during any situation.

Checklist: Communicating with Employees in Uncertain Times

Use this time to strengthen program relationships with employees and establish new partnerships within your community. This checklist is a guide to push forward your mission. 

Lay the Groundwork

  Work with your CSR counterparts to share messaging and resources. 

   Spend time on social media to see what people are saying, what hashtags they are using and
       the general sentiment. This can help inform your communication strategy.

   Reach out to a few champions to ask how they are doing and get a feel for their sentiment
       and response. This may be important input for your decisions moving forward.

  Ask your champions to closely track their philanthropic work so you can identify trends in
     data and share their experiences internally and externally.

Make Communication Decisions

 Decide the tone for your communications, the cadence, and the opportunities you will

 Consider whether you can implement a storytelling approach. 

 Communicate your plans with your executive team. 

 As you create communication plans, encourage your CSR champions to reach out to
      employees. Follow-up should be based on each employee's response. Was the employee
      eager to hear about the volunteering opportunity or did they seem too overwhelmed to
     engage immediately? 

 Reach out to employees who are experiencing a lighter than normal workload due to
      economic shifts and provide them with opportunities to volunteer. 

Use Data as a Guide

 Track and analyze results of all digital communications to determine the next course of

 Use data and personas to identify the top nonprofits your employees have engaged with to
      develop a focused giving campaign and/or volunteering event. 

 Ask the CSR team to maintain detailed proposals so you have as much information as
      possible to forecast the future disaster outcome. 

Don’t stop here! Make sure you continue to communicate with your employees and community Transparency builds trust and communicating your organization’s response is the best way to keep your mission and impact top-of-mind. Download the full communication toolkit by filling out the form!