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At YourCause, we are making a massive impact on the world by connecting corporations and their employees to the causes they care about. We partner with socially-minded corporations and provide them with a platform to drive global change through collective impact. Our clients are some of the brands you know and love, and we’re looking for a few like-minded people to help us grow the Global Good Network.

Our employees are passionate about doing good and making a difference, while innovating a new technology industry. If you are looking for a Sales & Marketing Development Internship that will challenge your professional skills while exhilarating your philanthropic passions, come see what YourCause is all about.   

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The Role / Responsibilities

The Sales and Market Development Intern will play a crucial role in the success of the Sales & Marketing team at YourCause. This is a unique role that will allow you to wear numerous hats and apply critical thinking, research, analytical, and communication skills on a daily basis. It’s an opportunity to join a hyper-growth company as we expand into new markets with technology that makes a difference.

As a function of the Sales Development team, you will directly impact revenue generation and overall company success by assisting the sales team in building the pipeline and growing our brand. This role will primarily consist of: researching potential clients; prospecting; managing Salesforce, Hubspot, LinkedIn, and other lead generation tools; executing early-stage sales processes; and analyzing, reporting on, and improving our outreach efforts. In addition you’ll get to contribute to other areas of sales operations such as industry analysis and benchmarking, RFP management, sales presentations, and marketing.

As a preview, the high-level responsibilities for this position include, but are not limited to:

  • Sourcing and generating new leads through research
  • Maintaining market insights to assist in lead generation and on-going sales communication
  • Executing early stages of the sales process
  • Providing recurring sales reports, summaries, and suggested actions
  • Salesforce and Hubspot administration
  • Provide initial and follow-up communication with prospects
  • Assist with RFP preparation
  • Assist with presentation preparation
  • Participate in exploration calls and presentations


What We're Looking For

A successful candidate will be an excellent writer; be able to communicate technically, analytically, and socially; have a keen sense of customer service; be highly organized for ongoing project management; be efficient with excel; have a do-whatever-it-takes mentality; unwavering passion to completely immerse yourself in the corporate social responsibility and nonprofit technology spaces; and possess excellent verbal communication skills. The YourCause culture also fosters partnership, team collaboration, and welcomes all team members to think outside the box. There should be a “hunger” to get to know YourCause as a company, our clients, and product. Those in Sales & Marketing set the tone for our first impression, and we’ve built a reputation we’d like to keep.


Additional Details

  • Paid internship
  • At least 20 hours a week
  • Plano, TX

If this sounds like you, let us know:

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Testimonial - Katie Dunlap

Katie_Dunlap-592852-edited.jpg"YourCause was unlike anything I had imagined when I pictured my life after college. I had dreams of changing the world, traveling, and discovering who I was and what I was meant to do. Instead I was back at my mom’s, commuting to an office everyday and working a desk job at a software company that was related to the industry I wanted to be involved in, Corporate Social Responsibility. So when I arrived on my first day as a Sales Development Intern and began my task of searching through lists of ‘The Nation’s Most Responsible Companies’, I feared the next 50 years of my life would more look like Excel spreadsheets and Salesforce and less like impacting others lives through volunteering.

What I came to find early on was that while many people at YourCause did not come from a CSR background, they had the passion to serve others and make a difference just like me. It may have looked like a corporation from the outside, but once acclimated, it ran like a family. We all served our purpose, we all brought different things to the table, but together we shared a common goal.

Since it is smaller company, most of the teams work together throughout the day and I was able to offer my help on other projects in the coming weeks. While I never considered it a career field, I enjoyed writing in my free time and began working with the marketing team on projects frequently. I would write case studies or blogs if they needed a new article for the website or pick up social media if there was a big event happening. I had never realized that writing was even an option for me professionally until I was given the chance to test it out in the corporate world.

Because of the plethora of opportunities provided for me to help out as an intern at YourCause, I was able to learn that I wanted to pursue a career in professional writing. Without this internship, I would have never developed my skills in corporate social responsibility, learned about the different facets of sales development and outreach, and may have potentially never discovered my passion for a career in writing. While I came out of YourCause desiring to do something different than what I came here wanting, I know I am leaving with skills that transcend across all fields of business and have built relationships with incredible people who share similar values and global ambitions."


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