Thank you so much for attending our CSRworks 2018 Conference! We had a great time diving deep into various corporate social responsibility topics and sharing insight among thought leaders in the industry. Below are links to presentations made by our Founder & CEO Matt Combs, notable guest speakers, pictures from the event, and even videos of the epic Rock-Paper-Scissors battle!




Another CSRworks has already come and gone, but we were fortunate enough for 2018 to be our best one yet! If you weren't able to make the trip out to Plano or you just want to re-live some of your favorite presentations from the conference, we've got you covered. 

Day 1   

Serving CSR... Past, Present and the FutureArtboard 1@0.75x

Transforming Employee EngagementArtboard 1@0.75x

Gen Z: Truths, Lies, and What They’re *Really* Doing on Their Smartphones Artboard 1@0.75x

Evaluating the Data that Develops and Designs a Successful Program Artboard 1@0.75x

Restructuring and Optimizing a CSR Program that is Already a Huge SuccessArtboard 1@0.75x


Implementing A Successful International Volunteering ProgramArtboard 1@0.75x

Building the Business Case for CSRArtboard 1@0.75x

Adding Strategy to Disaster CampaignsArtboard 1@0.75x

Maintaining a Successful CSR Program During a Time of Corporate Challenge Artboard 1@0.75x

Engaging Employees Through Your Company's Social Channels Artboard 1@0.75x

The Delicate Balance of Telling Effective, Impactful, and Motivating StoriesArtboard 1@0.75x

Finding, Managing, and Engaging with the Right Community PartnersArtboard 1@0.75x

Leveraging Employees to Create International AmbassadorsArtboard 1@0.75x


Products, Market, and Where It's GoingArtboard 1@0.75x

The Newly Released and Future of GrantsConnectArtboard 1@0.75x

Consolidated Reporting Features and FunctionalityArtboard 1@0.75x

Advancements in International OfferingsArtboard 1@0.75x

Incentivize, Match and Engage ParticipantsArtboard 1@0.75x

Paving the Way to More Efficient Payment Processing MethodsArtboard 1@0.75x

Enhancing NPO Support and ServciesArtboard 1@0.75x

Employees for the Global GoalsArtboard 1@0.75x

How to Effectively and Efficiently Use Internal ResourcesArtboard 1@0.75x

Creating National Standards for CSR MeasurementArtboard 1@0.75x

Connecting Nonprofits with the Right Employees with the Right SkillsArtboard 1@0.75x


 On Day 2, we showed some Demos and new product releases. If you would like a review of what you saw or more information, please feel free to reach out to your Account Manager or our Sales Team at


Some moments were just too good to freeze frame, so we are bringing them to you in live action! Check out the Rock-Paper-Scissors Tournament and our Ten Year Anniversary Video:

 Rock-Paper-Scissors Tournament                                                Ten Year Anniversary



CSRworks 2018 Rock-Paper-Scissors
YourCause Turns 10









 CSRworks 2018 had a ton of memorable events and we were lucky enough to capture them! Check out the CSR-filled fun and all authentic YourCause moments our team caught from the conference here: